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Golf Fitness Circuit To Increase Swing Speed And A Have Better Swing

Today you will see a golf fitness workout circuit that will help you improve your swing sequence and also increase your swing speed with some fun dissociation drills.

This golf workout is great for golfers and really good for your fitness too.

Dissociation or upper/lower body dissociation or separation is really important in the golf swing to kind of minimizing unwanted swing characteristics and optimize swing efficiency and driving distance and accuracy.

So, separation’s basically upper body and then lower body separation. Both really important for improving your golf swing and we’re going to give you drills to do both of those.

First up, a great, cool one.

We’re going to do a plank with an upper body dissociation.

golf fitness exercises program

So normally you have a plank and we’re going to keep our hips facing the ground and just turn to our side. I’m pressing the stomach. Give that a go, 30 to 60 seconds.

Another great fun exercise…

American football drill.

Get into an American football wide stance, quick feet, keeping the shoulders facing forward. You’re going to twitch, turn the hips. Go as quick as you can. Gets me warm, too.

Next up is mountain climbers.

You’re really looking to drive the knees to the opposite elbow. So I’ll show you from here. Really getting that hip turning. Upper body’s locked in place. Other side. Quick cool work out, that one too.

Banded Step And Rotations

Next one, we ideally need a golf band.

golf fitness workout for swing speed


For this you don’t need a band at all but it adds resistance and makes the golf exercises more challenging. Put the band around your ankles, around your knees.

We’re just going to take little steps in golf posture, hands across the chest, and turn in both directions. You can do this whilst moving to the left and right too. I also think of it as like a space invader drill. Turn, back the other way. Now you’re good for dissociation, got your glutes too.

Next one, I’m going to use a golf band again.

Again, you don’t have to. It’s not needed. I should show you a slightly harder version, so what we’re going to do is we’re going to keep a nice sort of base, hips facing forward, and we’re going to turn around, bounce the tennis ball and back the other way.

Look and bounce it right behind you, as quick as you can, from one side to the other. Turn the upper torso and keep the hips facing forward.

Here is the video for the golf fitness workout to improve your golf swing and increase distances.

Give those a go. Certainly got me warm. Really found my glutes and core work in doing those. Really important for golfers of all ages and abilities to help with dissociation but also the core and glutes are working too to give you more stability, increase swing speed and have a better golf swing.

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increase drive distance and swing speed

Increase Your Golf Swing Speed So You Can Outdrive Mike Tyson Everytime!

Why You Can Outdrive Mike Tyson Everytime!

The key to increasing golf swing speed and distance is not how big and strong you are contrary to popular belief.  The proof is in the pudding as they say…who would you be more afraid of in a dark alley; Dustin Johnson or Mike Tyson?  Who would you fear more on a 600 yard par 5?

It doesn’t matter how strong or stable you are as a golfer if you can’t complete the necessary range of motion, this is Mike Tyson’s and many other strong football players and boxers problem when they step onto the golf course.  Distance and power, instead, come from having full range of motion and being able to stabilize and control that motion.

Power and distance on the golf course comes from the ability to stabilize and control the flexibility that you have.

The first step is to make sure you have the necessary range of motion or flexibility necessary to complete the golf swing.

If you have the necessary mobility, then all you need to do is stabilize and control that range of motion in order to complete the correct athletic sequence of motion.  When you do this, the result is a booming drive past your opponents that feels easier than any swing you have ever made before.

Check out these two golf exercises to improve your hip rotation and this drill to maximize your initiation and use of the hips to generate serious power off the tee!

These two exercises are small parts from the start of Bullet Proof Golfer fitness for golfers program

Hip Internal Rotation Stretch:

Athletic Sequence Drill:

By: Chris Finn

Athletic Golf Training Contributor
Physical Therapist and Golf Fitness Specialist –
Designer with Athletic Golf Training’s worldwide selling golf fitness program Bullet Proof Golfer

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5 Lifestyle Errors That Hurt Your Life And Your Golf Game

There are 5 simple, no excuse changes and tweaks that you could could make to your everyday habits and routines that would improve how you feel in your day to day life and also, as a bonus, improve your golf. And as you well know, when we play better golf suddenly the world is a brighter place full of rainbows and unicorns.. Both feed one another, but few golfers tackle their lifestyle which is often left wanting.

You’ll get to your golfing goals and feel much better in work and life when you stop making these 5 Lifestyle Mistakes:

Error #1: Consume 
WAY Too Much Sugar. If you’re hooked on soda, alcohol, or other sweetened beverages then your  you’re going to feel sluggish, unfocussed and consistently gain weight as well as poison your body internally as most sugar drinks are one chemical away from being pain stripper or alike. Until you replace these drinks with water. You should also know that your brain often confuses thirst with hunger so make sure you just drink water several times a day.. We managed for thousands of years without sugar drinks!

When hunger or tiredness appears, don’t grab a snack or calorie-filled drinks. Instead, grab a glass of water.


Error #2: Watching TV Too Much: Many people are in the habit of sitting in front of the TV for hours on end after a stressful day at work. Yes, you may be worn out and need a break, but sitting on the couch, zoned out, watching TV is not the way forward

I like a good show and movie but I ensure I have earned it that day or that week. If you have been sat down at work most of the day, do you really need to sit some?? Get out and walk a couple of holes, go and practice your putting, chipping whatever! Just move more.


Error #3: Not Bothering With Breakfast. Eat breakfast! Try cutting calories by skipping breakfast, and you’ll be excessively hungry by mid-morning. As a result, the healthy calories you would have eaten at breakfast are replaced with calorie-filled snacks and an over-sized lunch.

It takes strong discipline to not binge on sugar and bad foods if you avoid breakfast.. or begin a semi fasting nutrition plan. That takes time to develop, so if you know you are prone to poor snacking, make sure you grab some fuel in the morning. It’s about habits and you focus, energy and metabolism will thank you for it.

Once again, fitting breakfast into your busy schedule may mean dramatic lifestyle changes. Get to bed 30 minutes earlier than usual and set your alarm 10 minutes earlier to give yourself time to eat breakfast


Error #4: Not Doing the Right Physical Activity. If you find that you are having to add more loops to your belt and you seem to have less energy for your daily routines and also on the golf course, you need to start moving better. If you are sore especially after golf, you need to invest a few minutes a week to yourself. If you want to feel better and play better, you must add or increase the amount and intensity of physical activity in your daily life.

For many people, this is the most difficult lifestyle change of all, but the benefits are well work it. Aim for 30 to 60 minutes of intense exercise on most days of the week. When you make golf exercises a normal part of your weekly routine, it’s more likely to stick. This can be walking 9 holes or 18 if possible at least 1-2 times a week, it can mean a great simple 20 minute exercise routine that helps you on and off the course.


Error #5: Lack of Sleep. To put this simply, you need to sleep more. Most adults need an average of 6-8 hours of sleep each night, and I know you aren’t getting that much. When you don’t get adequate amounts of rest, you’re more likely to be to be stiff, less focussed, lethargic and just not sprightly… None of which are a recipe for good golf!

How does this work? Something like this.

If you’re tired, you won’t feel like practicing, walking the course, cooking a healthy meal, and you’ll opt for fast (fattening) food instead. This very same lack of energy will also likely cause you to skip doing you golf exercises!  On top of that, sleep deprivation causes your metabolism to slow down, and if you’ve not heard, that is not something you want when you are wanting to improve your lifestyle and your golf game too.

So make some tweaks to your routine and you will feel better, maybe even shed a couple of pounds by osmosis and as extra great bonuses you will play better golf, hit it longer and feel less pain too!
Alex Fortey

golf exercises to increase shoulder turn and distance

Improve Your Shoulder Flexibility For More Turn And More Speed In Your Swing

We have all heard people with the desire more turn in the golf swing, but what needs to happen to get maximum separation in the backswing, without compromising the ability to get back to the ball? Many pieces of the body must be in working order for this to be accomplished. The lower half of your body must be stable to allow for greater rotation to happen above.

This means that the hips are strong enough to contain movement into the backswing. The segments from the bottom of the spine need to have the ability to rotate equally. If one level of the spine is restricted, it is the job of the other segments to pick up the slack. It is this area where golfers can get into trouble forcing other segments of the spine (low back in particular) to make up the difference creating poor golf swing mechanics and pain.

A large piece of the puzzle includes the shoulder and its ability to function at a very high level. Specifically how the arm moves in the golf swing. For a right handed golfer, the left arm travels across the chest while the right elbow bends to allow for the turn.

If the left arm is unable to make the trip across the body while maintaining a straight elbow, the other components of rotation (as noted above) have to help out to pick up the slack. A primary issue seen with poor shoulder mobility is a tight posterior capsule which decreases the ability to horizontally adduct the arm across the body to a complete backswing.

To stretch out the posterior capsule, grab a golf club holding it in front of your body with hands opposite of one another as seen in the picture below.

Still holding onto the club, flip the club over being mindful to keep the top arm straight.

Use the hand now facing up to push the other arm across the body until a stretch is felt in the back of the shoulder. Hold is position for 10 seconds. Repeat this movement 10 times trying to get into golf posture for maximum stretch.

Patience is important when improving shoulder flexibility. Be mindful in the process as well. The joint is made to be mobile by design which sacrifices stability as a result. Push your limits carefully knowing when enough is enough.

Ryan Mclean

Any questions email at

golf workout to fix slice and improve swing

Golf Workout To Fix Your Slice

Here is a simple golf workout that can and will help you fix you slice.

Is it possible? YES! Before you waste hours and hours on the practice range trying complicated swing positions, give your body a chance to move correctly and allow a better swing path and swing sequence. 

The slice is a primary frustration for to many golfers so we wanted to share the untold cure.. And that’s actually addressing the physical limitations that cause the swing pattern.

You see no matter how much you try, if your body is weak, tight and hindered in certain areas and you possess incorrect movement patterns caused by your everyday life, then no matter how many golf balls or lessons you have, you will ALWAYS struggle to remove the slice from your golf shot repertoire.

Yes, having the right golf technique is crucial too, and it’s not as complicated as you may think as Shawn Clement explains in this post and video to fix your slice here

This is one reason why we created Swing Faults and Fitness Fixes because the missing element for many of you still is understanding how to specifically fix your swing errors by selecting the correct exercises, not beating more balls on the range or just accepting that you play with a 25 yard slice with the driver.. It does not have to be that way!


Get moving, understand that your body will always dictate your swing and start using the right golf exercises and golf workouts to help you, your golf swing and your entire golf game if you want to play goof golf for decades to come.

Here is the golf workout to fix your slice video

This video is from our colleagues at Par 4 Success In north Carolina and co creators of the brilliant Bullet Proof Golfer. Its a multi level golf workout program perfect for YOU! No matter your level or time constraints, there is a golf workout to improve your golf body and fitness ideal for you. Check it out here.