Increase swing speed exercise for golf core strength

Increase Swing Speed Exercise for Golf – Uppercut

Use this move to generate faster swing speeds in the golf swing, develop core strength as part of the movement pattern This will create power agility and strength for the golf swing. By enhancing the force generated, you will as consequence have more power.


This exercise for golf will not only increase your swing speed, it will greatly improve your overall power production, but importantly as well, if you do the exercise correctly the feeling in your should feel obvious.

The initiation of the down swing and throughout the impact should be felt within the obliques and in the core.

Give this golf exercise with dumbells (make sure they are not too heavy) a try and coupled with a complete golf fitness program, you will increase your golf swing speed I assure you.

Just doing this golf exercise on it’s own will not do the trick alas, you must develop all areas of your physique to have strength for golf, flexibility and mobility in specific areas of your body to give yourself the best chance of having a consistent swing that can be powerful.

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Alex Fortey

Founder of Athletic Golf Training

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