Golf Practice Routines Of PGA Tour Players: Your Personality Is More Important

Golf Practice Routines Of PGA Tour Players May Not Be Your Answer

As discussed in the previous golf practice video; finding an inspiring place to practice is so crucial. a crappy range, in my experience hurts your motivation and eagerness to practice

Why you should find your own golf practice type/personality

Golf Practice Routines Of PGA Tour Players such as Vijay Singh, Bubba Watson, Luke Donald all have very different golf practice routines. Take a lesson from this and apply it to your own golf training schedule and plan.

golf practice routines of PGA tour players Vijay Singh

Some golf practice routines of PGA Tour players are robotic, quick, rigid, technical and some very natural and just to “feel” it on the day like Bubba Watson and Colin Montgomery.

Vijay Singh for example spends hours being methodical

Tiger Woods also lays out specific plans and executes them in his golf practice.

The same applies to short game and putting practice also.

I have always loved practicing, as mentioned in the video, I tried to follow the top coaches suggestions of how to practice, but it did’nt fit me. I was bored.

My suggestion is to still have goals for your golf practice routine, very rarely has a golfer have the ability like bubba to be so free.

Goals will alter over time, depending on variables, swing changes and fine tuning game style such as accuracy or distance for example

Some structure in your golf practice and golf training will benefit

Have a think,

Couple your perfect scene with what type of golf practice routine you will follow, that feels right and not a chore and next video you will see how a great effective routine can be put together even if you are short on time and don’t know when you will get a chance to practice again.

Your friend and coach

Alex Fortey

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